Monday, October 13, 2014

Back to Reburg....for the long haul

In the middle of April we packed up all our things and headed back to Rexburg...
Christian and Andy drove
And Kara and I flew with the boys- thank goodness for Kara! 
Our plane took off at 6:30 am, which meant I was up at 4,after being up until 2:30 with Porter who refused to sleep. But we made it to the airport on time, and once we were up in the air they both did pretty good! Before that, we had one failed boarding attempt and about a 2 hour delay at the long beach was more than a little stressful with those little chunks!
When we landed in Salt Lake, Taylor picked us up and we ate and headed up to Rexburg! The boys were champs, and slept most of the four hour drive. When we arrived, Christian and Andy pretty much had the house set up! I was sad leaving my family, but glad to be back in this little town, I hate to admit it, but I'd missed it. 

April-July pictures:
While Christian goes to school, I spend most of my days at home trying to find ways to entertain the boys, and ultimately, watching while they entertain themselves and play together...
Christian's First Day of School   



We traded our calibur for a new Scion XB!
Costco is an hour away, so we only get to go every once in a while.
Porter wants to be just like his daddy

Christian competed in one powerlifting meet before tearing a muscle in his chest





We spent Taylor's birthday weekend, and 4th of July weekend in South Jordan! In may we got to see most of the "Boys" and our Reilly cousins Always a good time...For the fourth of July Amanda, Katie, Susie, and Connor were all there, along with Kara, Taylor, Ashlynd, Blake and's always good to see everyone, I needed that family time, and Porter fell absolutely in love with Connor!
Cloth diaper butts are the cutest...and we LOVE AMERICA


Porter James and Parker Jordan, 2 days apart
Bike ride with dad

January-April at Grandma's house

We were SO lucky to live with my Grandma for Christian's offtrack after Benson was born, and get 4 solid months of family time, bonding, and lots and lots of help; I will be forever grateful for that!

In no particular order here are some pictures of our adventures

I got to take this lady to get her LICENSE!!
Ikea tunnels are the BEST toys ever




Sasster love




5k run buddies